Keeping Long Distance Relationships Spicy

Keeping Long Distance Relationships Spicy

It’s 2024, dating apps are the new wave of how to meet people. Sometimes people date outside of their city to find better suitors and sometimes in relationships their spouse has to move away for a job and maybe you both can’t go at the same time. So let’s dive into a few ways you can keep the spicy in your relationship whether the long term is short-term or long-term. 

Send each other gifts and care packages

In conversation and over time you really get to know your partner, their likes/dislikes, and things that they need. It’s nice to receive a surprise package in the mail of something that you’ve told your spouse about or that may have been sitting in your cart that your partner buys for you! Who doesn’t love feeling thought of and also taken care of? The random thoughtfulness and giving means the world!

Watch movies and tv shows together

Apps like Netflix now have ways to have watch parties so you can watch shows and movies. Find a show you both love and watch together or you can find a series you both have never seen and start it together. Watch movies together and stay on the phone or FaceTime/Zoom/Google Meet. Or not be on the phone and watch a show same time then call each other after and discuss! Be creative and make it fun! 

Schedule Virtual Dates

Every couple is different so talking on the phone daily may not be for you but scheduling a FaceTime/Virtual date where you can see each other gives you both something to look forward to. Both set the mood at your respective places, prop your phone up and eat together play a game! Get one of those couples games to play together. Try a Bluetooth toy even for some sexy time together. 

Sexy Time

Get sexy, look the part so you feel the part however that looks for you and your partner. Remember that you we previously talked about here’s the time to break that bad boy out! Set the phone up to where your partner can watch you please yourself. You guys take turns in self-pleasure and watching…try edging to build the anticipation and then when you’re both ready to climax try and get in-sync while pleasing yourselves and cum together! 

Plan visits and trips

 Have things set up that once or twice a month there’s already something on the schedule of one visiting the other. If you know your partner well enough maybe they like pop-ups so you can surprise them! Trips are a lot of fun and can be a better experience as well, meet up at your favorite places or once every few months take a trip to a place neither of you have ever been! Make it fun! 


In order to have ANY type of relationship, open communication is a must! To prevent jealousy, any misunderstandings and miscommunication it’s very important to talk to each other, do temperature checks. Talk out your problems as soon as you can don’t let them fester into a bad decision into something you may regret. Actively listen to each other, if you need help from a third party do that! 

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