Types of Intimacy

Types of Intimacy

There are five main types: Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, Experiential, and Social. 

1. Emotional: is when you are able to have conversations with your partner, not just the fun, sexy things but the hard conversations about your relationship, your likes and dislikes. Sharing your feelings, words of affirmation and showing appreciation for your partner. 

2. Spiritual: This is more of the mindful one of the five. Try connecting with each other during exercise and yoga, going to church or doing something religious together. Whatever you both maybe into and can compromise with doing together to connect.

3. Physical: The most fun of them all includes hand holding, cuddling, kissing, hugging, laying together watching a movie or reading, just activities of closeness that include physical touch.

4. Experiential: Involves doing something new together, try a new restaurant, or activity that neither of you have ever done. 

5. Social: Going out doing fun activites whether it is something new or the usual even do things with your friends. 

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